CF : Living on the edge of a volcano

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Cystic fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis is the most common life-threatening hereditary illnesses in our country. Thick mucus blocks the lungs and the digestive system. Cystic fibrosis (CF) is also called mucoviscidosis, or even muco in Dutch. One in twenty Belgians is carrier of the cystic fibrosis-gene and can therefore pass on the disease to his or her child. This adds up to 500,000 Belgians!

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Doing sport is good for the lungs. But is that also true for people with CF? It's been shown that if people with CF exercise more, they live longer and are healthier. We want to prove this. Therefore we are organising this unique expedition.

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During the expedition a team of scientists will support 10 people with CF and do research to help improve the lives of all of them in Belgium. Support our mission and make sport possible for everyone.
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Prof. Dupont: Living with CF is like living on the edge of a volcano. You could see an erupting volcano as a metaphor for the CF patient’s daily coughing up sputum. Just like a dormant volcano that can erupt suddenly with all the subsequent consequences, the disease can suddenly deteriorate despite thorough treatment.”

Elvire hasn’t been able to complete her study of low. Her persistent coughing fits have caused her to change jobs repeatedly. And still she manages to go through life with a smile on her face!
Julien is a young guy who has to fight to maintain his weight: he wants to have a nice body and wants to look good. He has to eat eight times a day and in order to digest the food he has to take up to 80 capsules. And yet, he continues to live life to the fullest!
Gerry is dedicated to heavy physical strain in order to keep fit! This is what he says: “Because of the many challenges/competitions I try to keep my lungs in top form, so that the illness will deteriorate my lungs less quickly. After successfully completing the 1/8th triathlon of Viersel, finishing 86th out of 191 in 1.12 hours, I felt that I was in pretty good shape. My lung percentage has gone from 58% to 69% over four months.”
Peter is married and has two children that are carriers. Despite all setbacks, he and his family go through life with enthusiasm. Trained as a nurse, he became head nurse since this is physically a lot less straining and this way contact with patients can be limited. His wife went from full time employment to 4/5 to assist him. Even his mother, well into her sixties, comes round every day to help him with his therapy. And still these people are full of energy!


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Our vision

From birth onwards, cystic fibrosis causes serious health problems. Teenagers with cystic fibrosis often find it difficult to find their place in society. Nurses are confronted with these problems all the time. Which is why we have set up a nonprofit organisation ‘Mee naar de top’ (together to the top).

We organise activities for people with cystic fibrosis so set them both physical and mental challenges.

Linked to this challenge, we also want to contribute to the improvement of treatment options for cystic fibrosis to increase life expectancy through scientific research. Research has shown that thanks to sports activities, the progress of the disease can be influenced. Which is why we always plan an annual activity with a physical challenge for cystic fibrosis patients. A unique experience which is usually often beyond their reach. By asking media attention, we hope to better inform society and try to break some patients’ isolation and to boost their participation in society.


Will you join us?

The CF Ecuador expedition (2017/01/21-02/03) will test lung function under extreme circumstances, both of the cystic fibrosis patients and the escorts.

Why? Because the hospital wants to stimulate cystic fibrosis patients to sport intensively.  We want to check whether sports men with cystic fibrosis that are exposed to heavyexertion can improve their lung capacity or decrease their symptoms. We will measure the effect of the preparatory trajectory and the effect of the training on the exertion capacity.  We hope to prove that great heights and intensive sporting activity are safe and can boost the lungs.

Together with our friends that suffer from cystic fibrosis we want to take up the challenge.



The CF (Muco) Ecuador Expedition team

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